How do you help my goals?

Between our personal trainers, top quality equipment, amazing facility, and helpful community our clients are able to walk out each day with satisfaction knowing they have an opportunity to become the best version of themselves. With different options for what ever your goals are, we are here to help!

Do you have personal training?

Our team is not only staffed running the facility but each one is available for personal training. Whether its for you, your kids, or a family member, our staff is here to provide expertise in the training your looking for. We have award winning experts available to train you in Power Lifting, Body Building, Cross Training, or just Personal goals.

Do you have day passes?

Depending on which area you are planning on using; our gym is equipped to provide you with a daily pass to our different areas. These passes include one Power Lifting and one Standard Pass. The Power Lifting pass allows you to access our exclusive room with calibrated weights to make sure your hitting your peak performance.

Do you have lockers or locker rooms?

Our facility is equipped with two different locker rooms; one female and one male. Each come with showers, a dry sauna and plenty of lockers for you to securely lock your belongings up. We do provide you with a free towel if you would like to use our showers.

What are your packages?

Our packages come in two sets: Power Lifting and Standard. Both of which come in a 24/7 access and staffed hours access. Those who choose may also pay in advance for a discounted price for a 6 month or 1 year daily 24 hour pass. 24 hour pass does allow you access 365 days a y ear, minus days of special events.

What are your hours?

Our hours are 9-7 Monday through Saturday. Sundays we will not be staffed. If you have a 24/7 pass, this will allow individuals access to the gym on Sundays if they choose.