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“Become The Best Version Of Yourself.”


We believe that A person’s Journey Starts here.

We run a facility for those who want to become the best version of themselves. With a standout facility, great staff, and excellent meal options. We promise you will never find another place like ours. We are here to help you create a new you.





"Awesome gym! There's a dedicated POWER LIFTING section that had combo racks for days and all the specially bars you can ever want. This gym has all the best equipment and they are well kept. "


"Awesome gym. Rare to find a place like this to train. Anyone from a complete newbie to an advanced power lifter could benefit by lifting here. A must see gym in Metro Detroit!"

Josh Alanskas

"Best gym in the metro Detroit area. The owner is himself is a avid power lifter. They are always bringing in newer and better equipment."

— Brad Lopez